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  • 20150529
    Gigantic Fun!

    Latest WiiWareWave News 630x

    We have added a download code for Don't Starve: Giant Edition (Wii U eShop) to our loyalty coin shop! The code costs a cool 10,000 coins and is only usable on a North American Wii U console. There's only one in-stock so you might want to purchase it soon if you truly want the download code!

    "Reminder" We also have North American codes for Kid Icarus: Uprising and The...
  • 20150527
    Splashing Up An Update!


    Today we've finished our latest site update! It wasn't too substantial so we didn't have to go into construction mode, but there are a few notable tweaks and additions to our website since the last update! First of all we've added a new banhammer emoticon for staff only "shown above" please don't use it if you're not a staff member banning a troublesome member. @GamerZack87...
  • 20150525
    Go Bananas!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiu_s24

    Today's challenge is to beat our time on DK Pass 100cc in Mario Kart DS with any character or kart! Just share your image via. Wii U browser as proof and if you beat our time we'll give you 100 WiiWareWave Coins for free! Good luck and have fun!
  • 20150522
    Styling our turf

    Latest WiiWareWave News ?ddownload=3254

    As you have almost certainly noticed WiiWareWave has a new theme as of today to celebrate the release of Splatoon for the Wii U. The colorful style and simple yet effective background compliment this theme! We have also added several Splatoon themed emoticons for use in our forums and blog!

    Do you like what you see? Please feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.
  • 20150507
    Making Waves!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Header10

    Two longtime members have joined the ranks of our crew! @Amufungal has become our theme designer and @DBZmania has become one of our part-time reviewers! Be sure to congratulate them in our comments below!
  • 20150420
    New Recruits Splashing Onboard!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Header10

    We have been struggling as of late to provide sufficient content on our website so we have been actively searching for new talent and we're happy to announce that two new reviewers have joined our ranks! The first is @bro2dragons who is actually quite an active member from Nintendo Life! He has written reviews for other websites in the past as well!...
  • 20150420
    Elements Vs. Waves!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiu_s20

    Next Friday we'll be holding a joint MK8 tournament with our affiliate The Nintendo Element in celebration of the new MK8 DLC Pack! You're all invited to join us!

    The winner will receive a Wii U download code for F-Zero (SNES). The password, date, and time of the tournament is all listed in the image above and is based on the PST timezone!

    Good luck and have fun!
  • 20150329
    It seems as though Nintendo is embracing mobile technology after all
    GeekyGamerZackComments: 1Views: 963
    Not Fooling Around!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQwEGsBKyh--mA_F_YzABT5frP9eanqkoSI6jHaea6foi1w03-Sds66unMv

    Just moments ago, Nintendo revealed the next step in their NX project at a private press conference in Damasunoharu Auditorium, with over 100 analysts and media representatives in attendance. The device they revealed was the N-Pii Cellular Device, which is said to be "a fusion of a video games system...
  • 20150330
    Nintendo to add a wide selection of classic Pokémon titles to its digital storefronts
    GeekyGamerZackComments: 6Views: 1152
    Gotta Catch 'Em All!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS_ncpqwtEGzowmCjsb4itW_wQSVGC1U8X-6ov_9LgEwtkRt0fnIAgEX5o

    Since the introduction of the Nintendo eShop, fans have clamoured for rereleases of their favourite classic Pokémon titles to play anytime. Nintendo, in conjunction with The Pokémon Company International, has declared tomorrow, April 2nd, as Poképalooza, which will finally bring over 15 games to the Nintendo eShop on both Nintendo 3DS and Wii U around the world, as well as finally establishing...
  • 20150327
    Let's all celebrate the 4th Anniversary of WiiWareWave!
    GeekyGamerZackComments: 9Views: 661
    Time sure does fly when you're having fun. On this day back in 2011, WiiWareWave came online for the first time, and since then it has grown into one of the fastest-growing Nintendo fan communities on the Internet. There have been times both good and bad, but the WiiWareWave community and its staff have pushed on and worked hard to make this site the best it can be, and then some!

    Over 320 members have made more than 45,000 posts since its creation, and more posts are being added every day. We have news stories, reviews and developer interviews on a regular basis, as well as other exclusive...
  • 20150328
    Say Fuzzy Pickles!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiu_s16

    This is a new daily feature that we'll be testing out over the next couple weeks. We'll post screenshots directly from Wii U and 3DS software for you to enjoy! First up is our tornadotastic screenshot from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD! Enjoy.
  • 20150305
    It's Reyn Time...erm Shulk Time!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Shulk211

    The winner of our Shulk Amiibo Giveaway has been decided! The competition was intense, but our choice goes to:

    Latest WiiWareWave News 31-4710

    Congratulations! Be sure to PM Rukiafan with your mailing address details so he can ship you the prize! Honorable mentions go to
  • 20150310
    For Shovelry!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Akb48-10

    We gave our members a voice and they spoke! This year's GoTY winner by a landslide is none other than Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight! Shovel Knight scored very well in our Wii U and 3DS reviews of the game so it should come as no surprise that such an amazing title has been picked by our loyal fanbase as GoTY!

    Congratulations to Yacht Club Games! Let us know your thoughts regarding the winner of our 2014 User's Choice GoTY Awards in our comments below! We...
  • 20150310
    Shovelry Abounds!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR-1-s0Z2J2sARzkFbWp92Dn6HV1ekuOgjMxE1nieT8BvCfyXq6H9hHGCxa

    We will be posting a healthy serving of indie news throughout the rest of this month to commemorate Yacht Club Games' GoTY award for Shovel Knight! This is the first time since 2012 that our choice for Game of The Year has been an indie title! We hope you enjoy this influx of indie news stories! Let us know what you think about this in our comments below!
  • 20150306
    Our Apologies!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Header13

    WiiWareWave's webhost Forumotion is currently undergoing maintenance and as a result WiiWareWave might periodically be down today and some features may be unavailable. As a result we won't be publishing our What Games Are We Going To Be Playing This Weekend feature or news stories today because of the potential of our text editor being affected at any given time, however my near final...
  • 20150304
    Retail Mayhem!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Main_83712_234x170

    We have added a couple new and exciting items to our loyalty coin shop today! Those new items are available for 17,500 Coins and are as follows:

    New Items! wrote:Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS) 17,500 Coins.

    The Wonderful 101 (Wii U) 17,500 Coins.

    Are you interested in either of these NA downloads? Let us know in our comments below!
  • 20150227
    Only One Game Can Become Our Champion!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Akb48-10

    It's been a longtime coming but your choice of our Game of The Year during 2014 will be decided in the next 7 days! This is it the final round! Will Shovel Knight pull a rabbit out of his hat...erm helmet or will Link and his gang become the undisputed champions with Hyrule Warriors being victorious? That decision is up to you!

    Voting will be open to both members and visitors alike through 2:15 PM Arizona Time next Friday! Be sure to...
  • 20150214
    Towafan7Comments: 1Views: 2088
    Our Crew!

    Crew Captains!

    Like a Star @ heaven Ichigofan Like a Star @ heaven
    Co Owner, admin, designer, webmaster, reviewer, news anchor, basically a jack of all trades Ichigofan does a little of everything...
  • 20150216
    Chatbox, Security, and Big Item Added To Our Coin Shop!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Header10

    We have completely updated our chatbox in our latest update! Your user avatar is now shown in your posts in the chatbox and you can now check the chatbox commands by clicking the ? located at the bottom of the chatbox! We also fixed an exploit that our infamous chatbox hacker was using so there should no longer be any issues with the feature anymore!

    We have also added an Australian Pearl White New 3DS...
  • 20150219
    Text Editor Has Gone Super!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Header10

    Today we have upgraded our forum's extended text editor "must select the post reply button". The upgrade saves your text that you've written on the extended editor for 15 minutes allowing you to double check your game and then return to the Wii U or 3DS browser without having to start the post all over again! This won't work on the quick reply box and if you refresh or change the page on your internet browser your text will not be saved.

    Also you...
  • 20150213
    Hyrule Warriors Move On To The Finals!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Akb48-10

    Original Article:

    It's time for another WiiWareWave Game of The Year 2014 match up! During the last match-up Shovel Knight moved on to the finals after it buried Super Smash Bros. 4 by receiving 78% of the votes! This match-up features two very popular titles! And those titles are Fantasy Life and Hyrule Warriors. Which game will face-off against Shovel Knight in the finals? Only you can decide that!

  • 20150205
    Is Your Body Ready?!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Main_83782_234x170

    We're happy to announce that we're holding yet another contest here on our website! One random active member will be randomly drawn and will receive a North American download code for the 3DS VC title Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins!  

    The contest ends at 6:00 PM PST on February 13th and the lucky winner will be announced later that evening!

    To enter you must be a registered member of WiiWareWave...
  • 20150214
    Love Is In The Air!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Flat5510

    Today is a day that many people spend with a special someone or their significant other. Mario and Peach hold hands while Zelda and Link give each other a hug! We at WiiWareWave would like to wish you and your valentine a happy Valentines Day!
  • 20150206
    Shovelry Vs. Smashers!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Akb48-11

    We've seen several exciting matches so far this year in our quest to crown 2014's Nintendo Centric GoTY and today's match-up should be no different! Can Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight prevail in it's match against Nintendo's heavy-hitter Super Smash Bros. 4? Only you can decide! Whether you're a registered member or a valued guest the fate of this match is completely in your hands! The voting for the matches in round two will be open for 48 hours per match, while...
  • 20150205
    Poster Bonanza!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Ssb_poster_1Latest WiiWareWave News 312X170_SmashGroup2

    We just added both of the North American Club Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Poster Sets to our forum shop! We only have one of each of the sets in-stock so you'll have to act fast if you want to purchase them! Set #1 costs 17,500 WiiWareWave Coins...
  • 20150205
    Triple Digits Baby!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Tumblr_l5fu11kndc1qbeq2do1_500

    We've been reviewing games from Nintendo consoles and handhelds for just under four years now and we've just reached two major milestones! The first of which is that we have now officially posted over 100 reviews for Wii U eshop titles alone! The second milestone that we just reached is the 400 total game reviews milestone!

    Thank you all for supporting our website! Be sure to leave a message...
  • 20150201
    New Theme That Doesn't Suck And A Few Fixes And Tweaks!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Johnny11

    Today we've implemented another small site update, bringing our current version of our website to V.6.0.3! So what's new you ask? Well here's a rundown of the changes and new features that have gone live on our website!

    Major Changes.

    Like a Star @ heaven A new theme to celebrate the upcoming North American release...
  • 20150114
    It's Shulk Time!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Shulk210

    We have teamed up with our local Gamestop located at Red Mountain Plaza in Apache Junction Arizona to give one lucky member of our community a Shulk Amiibo! To enter you must be a resident of the United States and be over 13 years of age.

    Just tell us why you want a Shulk Amiibo and our favorite post will be chosen on March 1st! That member will then receive a brand new Shulk Amiibo via USPS! Good luck and have fun!
  • 20150112
  • 20141231
    Fantasy Vs. Sassyness!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Akb48-11

    So far during the first two matches of our competition, Shovel Knight bested Shantae And The Pirate's Curse and Super Smash Bros. 4 defeated the mighty Mario Kart 8 both will face each other during the first match of the semifinal round! The third match of round 1 is a battle between Fantasy Life (3DS) and Bayonetta 2 (Wii U) which will advance to the semifinals? Only you our loyal readers can make that decision!

    Voting begins right now and ends tomorrow...

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