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  • 20130508
    Crash coming to Australia?

     photo 1_zps3b1f1bc5.jpg

    No I am not talking about the band from Scott Pilgrim, however I am talking about where they got their name from.

    Crash 'N The Boys is part of the beloved Kunio series which in Japan was called Bikkuri Nekketsu Shin Kiroku! Harukanaru Kin Medal. A few of the Kunio games were released here in...
  • 20130507
    Wait Did He Just Compliment Nintendo?!

     photo Michael-Pachter_zpsb9fe9326.jpg

    Analyst Michael Pachter has once again talked about the Wii U on his show Pach-Attack Show this time, however he positively talked about the economic advantages of Nintendo's decision to not host a big E3 presentation.

    This is what...
  • 20130506
    Get them while you can!!!

     photo 32_zps82f146f5.jpg

    Another new month means a new batch of Club Nintendo games rewards for a few coins.

    This month features are

    Super Mario RPG for 200 Coins

    Maboshi's Arcade for 150 Coins

    3D Classics Excitebike for 150 coins
  • 20130505
    Going Bananas!

     photo 31_zpsa8191141.jpg

    GAME is currently offering a Donkey Kong shopping bag and a banana keychain for those of you in the UK. who pre-order the upcoming title Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D which will be released on May 24th in both North America and Europe! The game will be a port of the Wii title Donkey Kong Country Returns.
  • 20130504
    Save Big!

     photo 29_zps489c78b2.jpg

    Nintendo of America has announced that Marvel Pinball 3D for the 3DS will be 50% off this weekend in celebration of the theatrical release of Iron Man 3! The title is normally $7.99, but through Sunday night the game will be just $3.99.

    Here is the description of the game from the eshop:

  • 20130504

     photo 28_zpsf87420ae.jpg

    It appears as though Shadow of the Eternals which is said to be a successor to the Gamecube survival horror title Eternal Darkness could be headed to the Wii U if the game receives the $1.1 million it needs from its fans to finish development of the game.

    We should hear more about this title sometime...
  • 20130504
    Guild 03 Games In The Works?

     photo level_5_logo_zps5132be11.png

    Level 5 has already released the Guild 01 series and will be bringing the Guild 02 series games to the west very soon, but we have learned of three new Level 5 games which have recently been trademarked and those games are: Rare Drop Adventurer Note, Wonderflick, and Earth...
  • 20130504
    Looking Fancy!

     photo 25_zps5047cadb.jpg

    There's a feeling of nostalgia you get when you see a cartridge that you just can't get with a CD. They may be a thing of the past but there are tons of people out there who can still appreciate the beauty of retro games.

    One person who has a feeling of nostalgia for NES cartridges is Etsy artist Jess...
  • 20130503
    The Heavy Hitters Might Be Coming Soon!

     photo 24_zps5ab3850c.jpg

    Nintendo \said in its Wii U Direct earlier this year, that the second half of 2013 will see many big first party Wii U releases! We know about quite a few known releases that are going to be released on the system in Fall, including Pikmin 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, and Mario...
  • 20130502
    Written by KingreX32

    Latest Nintendo News Madden25reveal610_zps34bc2634

    Looks like there is yet another game to add to the ever growing list of games that are not coming to the WiiU. Madden 25 (25 due to the fact that this year is the 25th anniversary of the series) will not be coming to the WiiU this year, this marks the first time since 1991 that the franchise will not be on a Nintendo console. An official statement from EA sports stated...

    "We will not be releasing a Wii U...
  • 20130502
    Written by KingreX32
    Latest Nintendo News Call-of-duty-ghostswiiu_zps7aaec86e

    On May 1st 2013 Activision announced a released date for the newest Call of Duty title; November 5th 2013 is when PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 owners can get their hands on the game. Unfortunately a WiiU and even a PS4 version where not included in the initial Press Release. When the folks at Eaminer.com inquired to Activision about the omission, the response was a cryptic

    "We don’t have any news for the Wii U at...
  • 20130502

     photo 19_zps8075ac4c.jpg

    Scibblenauts a beloved series that is on the DS and its latest entry on the Wii U has apparently found itself in the midst of a copyright infringement lawsuit.

    According to Eurogame.net and a few other sites both Charles Schmidt creator of the internet video Keyboard Cat and Christopher Orlando Torres, creator...
  • 20130501
    Free Roaming Will Now Be Included!

     photo 17_zps3a72a784.jpg

    Shin’en’s Manfred Linzner has said to Nintendo Everything that Jett Rocket II: The Wrath of Taikai has been delayed until Q3 2013 in order to add free roaming 3D levels. The 3DS adventure was originally due out earlier this year.

    This delay will allow Shin’en to add in free-roaming...
  • 20130501
    Checkout This Stylish Case!

     photo 15_zps360616ad.jpg

    Announced on Capcom Unity a Mega Man 3DS case will be coming soon the the Capcom Store in honor of the Blue Bomber's twenty fifth anniversary.

    The case will be available in both regular 3DS size and XL size will just snap on over your 3DS. Right now the final details are being ironed out...
  • 20130430
    The End of An Era!

     photo 14_zpsb85d1c48.jpg

    While many gamers can be found on the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate online Wii U servers at all times we feel it necessary to mention Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii as today is the last day that the Wii title's servers will be open for online multiplayer. The servers will be shutdown sometime tonight, which will...
  • 20130429
    Another Potential eshop Title!

    We have caught wind of yet another Kickstarter campaign for a title which might be coming to Nintendo's consoles!

    Rex Rocket is a 2D platformer which needs $6,000 worth of funding to get made and it has already received over $2,500 of that total with 27 days still remaining on its Kickstarter campaign.

    Developer Rob Maher has told Nintendolife in a recent article that if the...
  • 20130429
    New Feature! Save Your Money or Wait For A Sale!

     photo 12_zpsab8b73f9.jpg

    We have gotten the chance to try these Wii U visual apps and our first impressions are mixed, as these interactive panorama images are quite interesting, however they aren't really worth the $2 for each one, if they were say $0.50 they would be worth downloading, but they...
  • 20130428
    Finally Coming?

     photo 11_zps54b3431c.jpg

    Combit Studios has announced that it is currently developing a sequel to the sidescrolling fighter River City Ransom, which was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989.

    According to its website, the Canadian studio will be working with Million the developer responsible for the Game Boy Advance...
  • 20130427
    Ikaruga 2.0!

    Hiroshi Iuchi the creator of the hellish Dreamcast and GameCube top down polarity shooter Ikaruga also developed a shooter for the 3DS called Kokuga with 'shmup' specialist G.Rev.

    The game was released in Japan last September and hopes of a Western localization appeared to be slim. However there is now proof that Kokuga will make it overseas as it has been rated by Germany’s USK board where it says the text has been...
  • 20130427
    A Classic coin-op adventure headed to Wii U eshop.

    A new video has released by Capcom Unity showing some gameplay from the upcoming game Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara. This one shows the fighter character!

  • 20130426
    Jumping Ship?

     photo lufia-and-the-fortress-of-doom-03_zps6f65b5ba.png

    We reported a few weeks ago that Lufia And The Fortress Of Doom was going to be released on the Wii VC this month based on the ESRB release information, however the date is now TBD, and the game has now been rated for the...
  • 20130426
    Written By KingreX32

    Latest Nintendo News WiiUUpdates_zps284cb7b5

    As promised back in 2013s first Nintendo Direct, The WiiU Spring System Update is finally here. In addition to reducing load times between applications and returning to the WiiU menu a few other functions have been added.

    - You now can install games and applications from the eShop in the background while other software is being used. (Similar to an announced PS4 feature back in February)

    - You can...
  • 20130425
    3DS Not Included...

     photo 650x6_zpsdbe58893.jpg

    Miiverse, Nintendo's own social network service, which also works as a place to discover beautiful artwork created by other Wii U owners with their gamepad using only 2 colors and yet somehow they amaze us with their detail!

    The browser version is virtually the same as what you'll find on...
  • 20130425
    Grand Theft Yoshi!

     photo 7_zps224a45ac.jpg

    Smartphone clones of popular console titles are quite common, but Android game Era's Adventure took intellectual theft to a whole new level as its lead character, as admitted by the developers themselves, is Yoshi!

    Not surprisingly, Nintendo's lawyers have been in touch with the developers, and according...
  • 20130424
    Happy Karting!

     photo 5_zps8090c54b.jpg

    We already know that Nintendo is working on a new Mario Kart title for the Wii U and that it will be shown at this year's E3.

    However, according to Nintendolife, Nintendo has accidentally said that the game will be released on the Wii U console this year, which should help the struggling console by giving...
  • 20130424
    Don't Worry Reggie Will Still Be President!

     photo 3_zpsb7dd33df.jpg

    As a part of their financial results today, Nintendo has announced some changes of their managerial positions as quite a few bigwigs are planning to retire this summer. One interesting change to be made within Nintendo of America, will be Satoru Iwata taking over the role as CEO of Nintendo...
  • 20130424
    Keep The Support Coming!

     photo 2_zps0663a153.jpg

    George Paz from Psychoz Interactive announced on Twitter that the indie developer is now an officially authorized Wii U developer and will be bringing its upcoming survival horror title, Forgotten Memories to the eShop. Forgotten Memories, which is being developed using the Unity engine, is also in development...
  • 20130424
    Japan Is Getting A 3DS Unit That Has Alot Of "Eeveelutions!"

     photo 1_zps4a8c2901.jpg

    To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Pokémon Center retail outlets in Japan, Nintendo is bringing a brand new Pokémon-themed 3DS XL which will become available in the region sometime in the month of May.

    Similar to the Charizard 3DS XL (pictured), you'll...
  • 20130424
    Wii U Support Is Improving

     photo 50x_zps04eef71b.jpg

    Nintendo is clearly doing things right when it comes to convincing indie developers to support their consoles, as Slick Entertainment founder Nick Waanders has posted on Twitter that he's keen on the idea to develop for Nintendo consoles.

    The tweet was made after this year's Full Indie Summit,...
  • 20130423
    An Hour of Gaming A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

     photo 250x_zpsdaad003c.jpg

    In recent times, particularly with the controller and gameplay innovations of the DS and Wii era onwards, we've seen Nintendo consoles used for many medical studies and treatments, which is most definitely a good thing.

    These studies often show an amazing level of...

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