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  • 20120126
    Latest Nintendo News 2D-Mario

    Wow... it looks like you can never get enough of nintendo's mascot huh ?

    Nintendo's CEO Satoru Iwata has stated in the Corporate Management Policy Briefing that the company is planning to make a new 2D platformer Mario game, stating:

    "Although there is no logo here, we are planning to release a totally new side-scrolling action Super Mario in 2D as a key title for the Nintendo 3DS in the next fiscal year."

    Well, this is going to be interesting,...
  • 20120126
    Latest Nintendo News Wiiubanner

    There's been rumors left and right about the release dates for the nintendo's new upcoming home console, but it looks like someone came up with an official confirmation !

    Nintendo's CEO Satoru Iwata stated in a quarterly financial conference in Osaka that they are planning to release the Wii U this holiday season worldwide, that's right, it means in Japan, Europe, Australia and North America ! no other country is going to be left out !

    Personally, I think this is a good idea, because...
  • 20120125
    Latest Nintendo News 0

    Nobuo Nagai has died at the age of 66, after a long battle with cancer.

    In 1967 Nobuo-san joined Nintendo, and later became a director in 2000 before reaching his final position as managing director in 2004.

    Latest Nintendo News 20110606nintendo1-280x80

    Let's say our farewells and remember his many accomplishments. Finally our staff wishes his family the best, our hearts go out to you.
  • 20120120
    written by: by Mike Luttrell

    The Nintendo 3DS has what is perhaps an unlikely supporter.
    Latest Nintendo News Nintendo-3ds-game-0

    Sony was singing the praises of the glasses-free 3D handheld at a CES event that was recently detailed in Sony's official Playstation Blog

    "Normally we don't really reference the competition a lot when we talk about the PlayStation business, but in this case it's perhaps a little salutary that sales of the 3DS, having the advantage of releasing a little...
  • 20120117
    Written By:Alex Culafi

    Latest Nintendo News Tiga%20logo_6_0

    The trade association demands a public response regarding the issue

    Trade group The Independent Games Developers Association (TIGA) has called upon Nintendo to explain its position on publishing game data in a recent press release.

    TIGA is typically known as the representative of game developer interests (business and commercial) in the UK. On January 9th, TIGA CEO Richard Wilson made comments following news that Nintendo...
  • 20120117
    Written by: Daniel Kaszor

    Latest Nintendo News Img_5253_pushmo-trailer

    Has Nintendo Co. Ltd. finally seen the light at the end of the digital tunnel?

    Notorious for largely ignoring digital distribution — selling games over the Internet, which are then distributed digitally, rather than via a physical disc — new evidence suggests Nintendo may finally be treating the online sales channel with a little bit of respect.

    Late in 2011, I was sent preview code for Pushmo, a fun little puzzle game offered...
  • 20120117
    written by: Joe Dart

    Won't or can't?

    Latest Nintendo News 63476_3DS_MarioKart_2_scrn02_E3-620x

    A major exploit in Mario Kart 7 will remain unfixed, Nintendo of America has confirmed.

    In the Wuhu Mountain Loop course (Maka Wuhu track in the U.S. version), players have discovered a glitch which allows them to skip almost half of the track by deliberately driving off the course at a certain...
  • 20120114
    written by: Nathan Olivarez-Giles

    Nintendo is set to launch the Wii U, a new video game console, later this year. And while there is a lot of excitement around the Wii U, there are also a lot of questions hovering around the Japanese company, which seems to have its back against the wall despite a history of innovation and success in an industry it has helped define.

    The company's current home gaming system, the Wii, is on the decline, selling about 4.5 million units in the U.S. in 2011, down from about 7 million sold in 2010.

    Meanwhile, the 3DS, Nintendo's new...
  • 20120112
    written by: Ben Kuchera

    Latest Nintendo News Wiiu_ars
    It’s a little unnerving to be sitting in a room with four Nintendo representatives looking at you, along with one of the most mysterious upcoming pieces of hardware in the business. There were multiple Wii U consoles in the room, each one complete with the innovative controller that looks like the love child of a standard gaming peripheral and an iPad. I was told that Nintendo wouldn’t be showing me anything new at CES; all the game demos I would be playing were already shown...
  • 20120110
    written By: Neal Ronaghan

    Latest Nintendo News Tigw11_wii_scrn_true_view_bmp_jpgcopy

    The motion-enhanced golf series is just coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this year.

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 is only coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 30, skipping Nintendo platforms, according to a representative from EA Sports.

    The decision was made so the new version could take advantage of new online and social features on the other two platforms. Additionally, EA cited that Kinect...
  • 20120106
    Written by Mark Raby
    Latest Nintendo News Icon

    All that Icon Games Entertainment wanted to was brag about how many times its downloadable Wii games had been purchased.

    The small developer posted a complete year-in-review of 2011, letting its dedicated consumers see sales numbers from services like the Playstation Network, iTunes App Store, and Wiiware.

    But after the list was posted, Nintendo contacted Icon Games and asked them to remove all references to Wiiware sales numbers. It is apparently against...
  • 20111222
    Latest Nintendo News Nintendo-wii-zelda-skyward-sword-data-restoration-channel-news-2

    If you're having problems with that infamous Zelda: Skyward Sword game-killing bug, then I've got some good news for you !

    Nintendo has released a channel in the Wii Shop Channel where it can update your Zelda: Skyward Sword game data that has the glitch and fix it ! called the "Save Data Update Channel", it is available on the Channel section in the Wii Shop Channel now for America, Europe and Australia !

    Be warned though...
  • 20111215
    Written by Thomas Tamblyn

    Latest Nintendo News Xl_NintendoTV_Logo_624

    Nintendo TV is making the journey to Nintendo's 3D handheld after 60 episodes and a lot of motion controlled action on the NIntendo Wii and it'll be shot in 3D

    Nintendo's monthly news broadcast on all things games-related Nintendo TV is finally making the transition to Nintendo's latest handheld the Nintendo 3DS.

    After more than 60 episodes on the Wii's Nintendo Channel, NintendoTV will now be available to stream in 3D from the Nintendo...
  • 20111215
    Written by: Josh Harrison

    Latest Nintendo News Platinum_2010_big_1--article_image

    If you're a diehard Nintendo fan--buy the games, own the soundtracks, jump on turtles in your spare time--then you're probably a member of Club Nintendo, the developer's member rewards program. If not, I recommend you stop in and join up ASAP: All you have to do is register your Nintendo game and console purchases and you'll start earning Coins to spend on exclusive Nintendo swag. Once you're...
  • 20111212
    Latest Nintendo News The_last_story

    if you're not interested in picking up Xenoblade Chronicles but are interested in picking up The Last Story instead... then you might want to change your opinion...

    An anonymous source claims that Nintendo is actually interested in localizing The Last Story to America, however this localization depends on the amount of preorders/sales of Xenoblade Chronicles, and so far... the pre-orders of Xenoblade Chronicles from gamestop are not doing well right now...

    Just remember that this is...
  • 20111206
    Latest Nintendo News Picture11

    It pains us to see a crippling glitch in any game let alone a masterpiece such as Skyward Sword, but there is and it will stop you from progressing further into the game if it occurs.

    There are some remedies to prevent the glitch from ruining your progress.

    This glitch is caused by performing the following sequence of events during the Song of the Hero quest, don't overwrite your old saves YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!

    Things to avoid!

    1st. You start the quest...
  • 20111206

    If you thought the video Capcom released in September was just a tech-demo or a concept video like we did, we have got a surprise for you! We have just learned that the Monster Hunter 4 video was actual in-game footage!

    As you can see the game looks even more beautiful than MHT did and will likely...
  • 20111202
    Latest Nintendo News B2ed5a1917ade331.jpg

    People of wiiwarewave, this is it ! the game that the people of America has been waiting for is finally getting released in America !... but with a catch...

    Xenoblade Chronicles, one of the most requested wii games to be ever released in America, will finally arrive in the West next April of 2012...

    HOWEVER, it looks like the game will only be sold as a limited release via GameStop and Nintendo's site.

    And there's no mention on the other two "operation Rainfall"...
  • 20111201
    Latest Nintendo News Darksiders-2

    by Al McCarthy on Nov 30th, 2011

    According to Vigil Games, Nintendo's upcoming console will be easy to develop for. Easy for professional programmers, that is. As you may recall, Vigil put together a portion of Darksiders 2 that was showcased at E3 2011, which only took the developer a few short weeks to create.

    "You can tell by the way the software's organized, the way the APIs are written, very shortly it'll become an easy platform to develop for," David Adams of...
  • 20111127
    Latest Nintendo News Mario-kart-7-logo

    We recently learned that Mario Kart 7 was in danger of being postponed until 2012. Thankfully, however Retro Studios the developers responsible for the Metroid Prime series and Donkey Kong Country Returns was available to give Nintendo a helping hand to finish this much needed holiday release!
  • 20111120
    NINTENDO has built two real-life vehicles from the game Mario Kart 7, which launches on December 4 on the 3DS, the portable game system that displays games in 3D.

    With the help of West Coast Customs, the auto body shop known for its television show Pimp My Ride on MTV, Nintendo was...
  • 20111112
    Written by: Chris burns

    Slash Gear.com

    Latest Nintendo News 3dssalesup

    This week its appearing quite possible that regardless of doubts in its success and the whole price slash situation, the Nintendo 3DS may well surpass its DS predecessor’s first year sales. It is important to note first of all that even though the price cut didn’t make everyone on the streets happy, sales did rise significantly. Sales started to soar come August of this year, and now according to the NPD Group the system has passed the 1.65 million...
  • 20111026
    Latest Nintendo News Super_mario_3d_land_aus_pre_order
    Latest Nintendo News Mario_kart_7_aus_pre_order
    EB Games in Australia has revealed the pre-order goodies gamers can pick up for purchasing either Mario Kart 7 or Super Mario 3D Land. If you pre-order Mario Kart 7 you’re entitled to a plush Mario hat and if you purchase Super Mario 3D Land you can grab a cute Tanooki plush hat. Not bad!

  • 20111018
    Latest Nintendo News Zelda_skyward_sword_link_riding
    Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma mentioned on the latest edition of Iwata Asks that The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword originally featured an item called Rocket Fists which eventually turned into the beetle item.

    “At first, it was a boomerang. We thought it might fun if you could tilt the Wii Remote Plus so it flew however you wanted and tried out some things, but then we started talking about how that simply wasn’t much like a boomerang.”

    “And it had a camera....
  • 20111018
    Latest Nintendo News Wii-u-blue
    Peter Moore, Electronic Arts new Chief Operating Officer has revealed what his development team find most interesting with Wii U. I’ll give you a hint, it has something to do with the second screen.

    You recently reassured the market that you are fully onboard the Wii U with your key franchises. What are your developers finding most exciting about the Wii U?

    They’re still working with the software development kits, Jason. And as always happens, Nintendo continues to deliver...
  • 20111018
    Posted by Aaron Clegg - Oct 18th 2011 19:58


    Two Tribes confirms a sequel to the very-cult puzzle-platformer...

    Dutch independent developer Two Tribes has announced a sequel to its most loved title,...
  • 20111013
    Latest Nintendo News Pokemon_lego
    Junichi Masuda, one of the developers at Gamefreak who make the Pokemon games, has replied to a fans request on Twitter to remake Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

    ”Thanks for your thoughts. Ruby and Sapphire are important games to me. I will consider your request.”

    Of course it’s by no means confirmation that we will get either title, but the fact that Masuda is actually considering it is well worth a mention. Lets hope we see both games on the Nintendo 3DS.
  • 20111006
    Ubisoft: Nobody figured out Wii shooters

    Posted Oct 6, 2011 at 2:38PM EST by Carl B

    According to Ubisoft, nobody really figured out how to make a shooter for Wii.

    Latest Nintendo News Ninten16

    "It sort of goes back to what we were just talking about: why aren't we putting more Kinect features into the shooters and the core games? Nobody figured out on the Wii how to actually improve the shooter experience via the Wiimote," Ubisoft's Tony Key told Gamasutra.

    "That's not to...
  • 20111004

    You'll be able to play Resident Evil Revelations with it
    Posted by Thomas East | Tuesday 4-Oct-2011 5:02 PM

    Latest Nintendo News 3ds_sl10

    The Slider Pad is Nintendo's official name for the 3DS Circle Pad attachment that was revealed last month.

    Nintendo UK revealed that Resident Evil Revelations will be compatible with the Slider Pad when the survival horror game is released in the UK in January.

    However, Nintendo hasn't yet revealed when the the Slider Pad will be released in the UK or how much...
  • 20111004
    Survey - 58% of Indie Devs Say Nintendo Difficult to Deal With

    Posted Tue, 04 Oct 2011 by James Newton

    Latest Nintendo News Ninten15

    Much to improve

    Interesting statistics ahead

    2D Boy is responsible for World of Goo, one of the best games WiiWare has to offer. The studio's Ron Carmel recently conducted a survey of around 200 independent developers, asking which formats the teams had supported and planned to continue working on in future. Sadly, Nintendo consoles sit right at the bottom.

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